Thanks to its high precision NIR sensors, the FLAKE SORTER extracts valuable fractions from incoming streams and  further purifies already seperated streams, allowing you to achieve a purity level over 99% from a 50%-50% incoming stream in only two passes. The FLAKE SORTER can sort – by polymer type or color – PVC, PE, PP or PET particles down to 0.2 mm, leading to optimal product recovery, consistent purity and greater profitability!

The technology used enables users to directly integrate these machines anywhere in a new or existing processing line. For smaller operating needs, units can be used on a stand-alone basis, while larger projects can integrate FLAKE SORTERS as pivotal turn-key elements, optimizing a facility's overall performance.


                         Flake Sorter : PVC Sorting                               Flaker Sorter : PET flakes

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