“It is without pretension that the president of the company, specialized in plastic recovery since 2011, Plastimum, Ms. Manon Tremblay, reveals her pride, relating where the company is currently located: Plastimum has become a technological center, which allows actors in the field to better understand the problems of plastic conditioners”

The plastic packaging sector is a major challenge for its players. However, Plastimum has observed a positive impact on its operations in recent years following the acquisition of a washing and sorting system designed, manufactured and installed by Sherbrooke OEM Itée. This improvement has been made, particularly in terms of advancing the conversion of plastics with the implementation of efficient and sustainable processes. The optimization of incoming material sorting sequences, thanks to the automation of systems, has also contributed to a reduction in labor and an increase in productivity, leading to a reduction in operating costs as well as an increase in profitability. Plastimum serves as an example in the field. “In fact, several players visit our facilities and are able to understand the technological challenge associated with plastics. », Reports the president of Plastimum, Ms. Tremblay

The contribution of the 4.0 shift

Being Sherbrooke OEM Itée’s “test bed” for the implementation of its technologies and specialized systems in the washing and sorting of plastic materials, Plastimum has recently made the “4.0” shift. Opting for a smart factory, allowing communication between devices and including autonomous and high-performance equipment, was a particularly beneficial turning point for the company. According to the president, “The avenue of 4.0 was the method that made it possible to optimize the production process by letting the machines reach their point of optimization in terms of speed and capacity”.

“The contribution of 4.0 has revolutionized the way of sorting plastic. adds the President of Plastimum, concluding by specifying that it is the involvement of the Sherbrooke OEM Itée team, throughout the various stages of the process, which has enabled the company to achieve a high level of quality. .

Innovations and know-how

The know-how of Sherbrooke OEM Itée has concrete repercussions on Plastimum’s activities due to the implementation of avant-garde sorting technologies offering the possibility of increasing the value of the deposits of processed plastics. “You have to understand that the technologies offered by Sherbrooke OEM, through its Eagle Vizion line, have had a major impact on the evolution of plastics sorting. I am thinking, among other things, of the Melt Sorter which allows us to differentiate the categories of HDPE plastics”.

The addition of the sorting machine in the black spectrum “Black Sorter” has meanwhile enabled the sorting of black plastic materials which were of little economic interest on the market. Recently, the addition of the Flake Anlayzer flake analyzer makes validation of sorting quality possible for Plastimum by allowing verification on a continuous basis of the evolution of product performance.