Major breakthroughs in identification and sorting technologies will be spotlighted at NPE 2018, world’s biggest trade show in the plastic industry, in Orlando on May 7-12, as Eagle Vizion will launch four innovative sorting technologies.  The new systems will enable users to sort black plastics by polymer type, melt PE and tiny particules, as small as 0-5 mm by type.

Black plastics have always been a hassle for recyclers to get the best value out of it : How to obtain high purity polymer at a low processing cost? Eagle Vizion has developed a unique and revolutionary solution for this problem: a BLACK SORTER designed to identify and sort black plastics flakes based on type, wether it’s PP, PE or a blend.

In a similar way, the post consumer plastics – and more specifically post consumer PE – are getting harder and harder to recycle since it is impossible to guarantee which melt grade of PE is being sorted out of the waste. The MELT SORTER is the result of several years of efforts made by Eagle Vizion in R&D to develop a solution to help the recyclers produce a PE with a controlled melt according to market expectations. It can sort PE flakes in three different viscosity grades : PE Injection molding grade, PE Blow molding grade, HMW-PE an LDPE.

Finally, Eagle Vizion will also features what many tought impossible : the sorting – by type or color – of PE, PP or PET particules down to 0.2 mm, leading to optimal product recovery, consistent purity output and greater profitability! Thanks to its high precision NIR sensors, the FLAKE SORTER allows to achieve a purity level over 99% from a 50%-50% incoming stream in only two passes.

The technology used enables users to directly integrate these machines anywhere in a new or existing processing line. For smaller operating needs, units can be used on a stand-alone basis, while larger projects can integrate FLAKE SORTERS as pivotal turn-key elements, optimizing a facility’s overall performance.


Determining a quality control unit’s feasibility depends on the regularity of the incoming streams initial purity, the efficiency of the sorters used and the facility’s output capacity.  Eagle Vizion’s FLAKE ANALYZER is designed to analyze et control stream quality through continuous real-time resin and color analysis.

In lab mode, FLAKE ANALYZER will help increase accuracy, efficiency and reliability of your testings. Installed in-line in your industrial process, the unit will validate purity in the real-time with continuous sample analysis, customer defined contaminant thresholds and automated reaction to purity changes. If your stream purity falls off, you will know why instantly and FLAKE ANALYZER can immediately alert staff and re-divert the stream.

NPE 2018

Want to know more about Eagle Vizion’s solutions and technologies? Visit our booth (S21196 South Hall Level 1) to see our machines at work!  If you bring some material, you will be able to put the BLACK SORTER, the MELT SORTER and the FLAKE ANALYZER to the test.  You may also set-up in advance a meeting with an EV Expert who can provide customed informations for your needs by contacting us at